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_Brazil Wind


Considering the large potential for wind power generation in the country, Brazil Energy has incorporated Brazil Wind, a company designed exclusively for investments in the wind power generation industry.

In 2011, the company was the major winner in the reserve power auction with seven (7) wind farms located in the state of Bahia, and sold 81 average MW in the auction, corresponding to approximately 20% of the volume negotiated in that bidding process.

Together the seven (7) wind farms form the Guirapá Complex, located in the municipalities of Pindaí and Caetité, southeast region of Bahia. The Complex has approximately, in its first phase, a potential of 160MW, with load factors exceeding 50%, which is well above the domestic and international averages.

Today, Brazil Wind not only evaluates the expansion of the Guirapá Complex, but also the technical and economic viability for the implementation of new wind farms in different regions of Brazil.